Change is good

I’m thinking of turning this into a sewing/crafting blog. I’ve been giving myself some hard deadlines to follow which means lots of content potential. So look for some changes in the coming month. I’ll also be swapping my blog title out for “how can I keep from sewing?” 😉


Cleaning House

Oh, blog. How I’ve been neglecting you.

Recently I’ve been cleaning house, getting things in order, organizing, and it’s been spectacular, the sense of accomplishment. Additionally I’ve been looking to “clean out the cobwebs” so to speak in other areas of my life.

This is the time of year when we make resolutions. I think I made some last year but I can’t remember what they were and I find no record of them. This year the goal is to not waste as much time. One of the ways that I’m doing that is by deleting my facebook.  Continue reading

The Most Fun Workout

I have trouble going to the gym. Really. I just can’t get my arse out the door. I enjoy it while I’m there, and who doesn’t love that ache of accomplishment afterwards? But today I remembered the most fun I ever have working out is when I throw on some energetic music and quite literally dance like no one’s watching. I strongly recommend ‘jump in the line’ by da vinci’s notebook to get things, uhh, “shakin”. I’ve only found a portion of it for online audio, but you can find it on pandora, or on their album “the life and times of mike fanning”.

Happy shakin’!

Think think think.

I’m considering beginning a new page to this blog, or a new blog entirely, aimed at encouraging marital sex and giving the wifey a few tricks to keep up her sleeve when “the mood strikes”. Thoughts? Suggestions? Would you read it?