Spring Fixins

So I have a super cool couch. It’s an L-shape with a snazzy ottoman and it’s as large as a full sized bed when all laid out. I’ve made a habit of taking the removable covers off every now and then and throwing them in the wash. Not just because it gets them clean, but also because it makes the whole couch seem nice and even and even looks more comfy. . . at least I think so. ūüėČ

But there was one single problem with my couch. The couch-makers sewed the ottoman together all wrong. It looked something like this when I explored the stitch work: the top upholstery part was sewn directly to the leather and then the lining was sewn to the bottom of the leather base so if you looked at it cut out it looked like this: upholstery, leather, lining. Which is basically like saying top, bottom, middle. See the lining should have been sewn to the upholstery so it could be washed too. To make things even better, the leather is actually tacked on to the ottoman by both upholstery staples and the four feet that hold it up. Designed by a genius, I swear.

So what did I do to remedy this? I tore it apart, naturally.  Continue reading


Fashion Done Right

This is not a post telling you what to wear. This is not an explanation of which colors go with what others. This is not a quiz to find out your body shape and what item of clothing you should wear depending on it.

This, ladies and gents, is a round of applause for designers that know what they’re doing in all aspects their trade. Continue reading

upholstery fixeroo preview

COMING SOON to this blog which is near you because you have opened it like so:

I had to fix my couch set’s ottoman because of the shoddy work the manufacturers did putting it together, so I decided to take some pictures in order to make a tutoriblog about how to fix similar problems you may have with your furniture. You could probably also follow some of the basic steps for upholstering. :p Anywho, I’ll be getting that up as soon as I get some velcro and finish the project. Ta for now.