Cleaning House

Oh, blog. How I’ve been neglecting you.

Recently I’ve been cleaning house, getting things in order, organizing, and it’s been spectacular, the sense of accomplishment. Additionally I’ve been looking to “clean out the cobwebs” so to speak in other areas of my life.

This is the time of year when we make resolutions. I think I made some last year but I can’t remember what they were and I find no record of them. This year the goal is to not waste as much time. One of the ways that I’m doing that is by deleting my facebook. 

Now this has been a long time coming and for various reasons. The primary reason is the amount of time that I waste on facebook. Even after cutting out the pointless flash games I had been playing, I still check my facebook frequently with little reason and I find links to follow, blogs to read, and ways to dawdle and squander my time. Do I do this on other websites? Yes, of course, but the main draw to opening the computer in the first place is to check my facebook. I’ve also found that the interface makes friendships muddled and people lazy. If I can see what my friends are doing constantly, I have no reason to contact many of them. Perhaps these people are no friends at all? Or perhaps they are and they have merely fallen to a social environment that promotes apathy towards friendship. Lastly, I do not like facebook’s terms. The ever changing and increasingly stringent terms are counter to the very theme of the website and the more I hear of people being banned from the interface, the more I think it sillier and sillier. All of these things considered, I’m deleting the largest time sucker I can identify and I believe productivity will follow. My husband has foresaken his own facebook, giving me his password powers and his productivity increased shortly after. I’m hoping I may do the same.


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