An Unedited Rant: Health Care

Give your children some ear-muffs, those of you who care if they hear swearing.


Ode to thee, Health Care. OH HOW I LOATHE THEE!!!

Never get health care. Never. Unless it’s mandatory per your job or free, just don’t do it. Just don’t. Health Care is nothing but a big ugly problem.

You see, I decided I wanted a health care account to cheapen expenses for my doctor visits and prescriptions, so I started an account with a large corporation that shall go un-named *cough*CARE-FIRST-BLUE-CROSS-BLUE-SHIELD*cough*. My account had me paying $78 a month for free prescriptions and $25 for primary care visits, $30 for specialists, and $100 if I was in real trouble and had to rush to the ER for any reason. It was a great deal. $78 was about what I was paying for a monthly prescription without health insurance, and this way I could take care of doctors visits I had put off for over a year. I could also get some prescriptions that I had been in need of for some time, namely birth control.

So I signed up. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment and shortly thereafter went to my local pharmacy to drop off my prescription. When I arrived there I was informed that my prescription would be costing me in the ballpark of $80. Confused I assured the pharmacist that my prescription should be free. The pharmacist advised me to call the health care company and speak with them.

I called my health insurance company and they informed me that I had to hit the buffer limit (or whatever the hell they call it) before I could get my prescriptions for free. It was 15,000. You do the math people.

About a month prior to that I’d had problems thinking my billing was automatic. I had to call the company to find out that not only was automatic bill pay not functional, but I had to print out forms, fill them out, mail them in, and wait up to 6 months for processing. Disgruntled and without a printer, I waited two weeks for the forms to reach me. I filled them out, sent them in, and waited and waited for the processing.

So once I found out about the prescription, I planned to cancel the plan. It had been little more than trouble since I began it, and I didn’t feel like paying double the amount of a prescription monthly for just that. I called the company to cancel the plan, and found out that I had to fill out more paperwork, send it in, and wait for it to be processed. Guess how long it could take. In fact, the person on the phone informed me it would be shorter to cancel my plan by just not paying my bills. I printed out some forms, filled them out, and sent them away.

About a month after I’d sent in my auto bill pay, I must have payed my bill early and forgotten about it, because I thought the payment had gone through automatically and with confidence of my auto-pay being processed, I didn’t pay any bills. Likewise, I received no invoices telling me I owed money, so I went on my merry way.

A month after I received a warning that my policy would be canceled if I didn’t pay the past month’s rent within x days. Confused as to why I hadn’t received an invoice, I wrote a sticky note to make a call and write a check. Short on funds, I had to put it off to the next week. I called the company the following week and found out that my plan had already been canceled, and though disappointed by the black spot in my already poor credit report, I was free from the shackles of CFBCBS. And I sure as heck wasn’t paying more money to get back into an account I didn’t want, just to leave it bureaucratically. No-sir, I was done done done with their bullshit and I washed my hands of the situation.

Policy canceled, Walmart helping me with a nice cheap prescriptions, and no foreseeable doctor visits in sight, I clicked my heels and skipped along.

Until today. Today $78 was withdrawn from my bank account by CFBCBS. As soon as I saw this, I contacted BCBS and they informed me that although my account was canceled, some idiot still processed my auto-pay forms and for the first time today, money was withdrawn from my account for a service I am no longer receiving. They then informed me that they could not stop the payment since it had already been submitted and that they’d need to “send an email” to someone in billing. SEND AN EMAIL?! YOU JUST STOLE MONEY OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT YOU FUCKING NAZIS!!!

So we called the bank. The bank can’t stop the payment. What? You, the holder of my money can not prevent the transfer of my money to an outside source trying to steal my money? I’m glad I’ve placed my trust and funds in you, oh bank. -.-

I’m actually not that cheesed at the bank. They promised us a deposit immediately to be entered into our account should the BCBS stolen money clear. -.- I want my money back, you health care nazis.

So here I sit. A month out from having a canceled health care plan, still being drained money, still having problems.

Health care, will you ever cease to plague us?


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