I found this article particularly interesting today, per a discussion with my husband last night about how to address those living in sin. I must agree that the way to do this is not to picket the sinner (or in this case the instigator of sin), but to be very realistic in your assessment and treatment of him or her. Right or wrong, people are people, and each and every one is different.


2 thoughts on “Treatment

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I just told a friend of mine the news of my imminent wedding, and she told me of a friend who is getting married in a year. I said that I didn’t think her friend had any reason to celebrate, and she asked me if I would feel the same way about her wedding. I replied, saying that yes, I would feel the same about hers. Do you think that is how I should treat her?

  2. Honesty is always the best of answers.

    I would suggest that those who have turned from the issue of having sex for emotionally charged reasons (and those reasons only) can celebrate their day of marriage in a very real way. But I hold the same opinion: that those who treat sex (and therefore marriage) flippantly should not feel slighted when their weddings are treated according to their own attitudes.

    ie: “well I’m just having sex!”
    “Well it’s just your wedding.”

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