A Day of Epic Nothing

Today I woke up to a message from an Aunt asking me about Renfaire costumes, and I thought to myself, “Denise, it’s Renfest season. You’re probably going to sell lots of stuff. But you can’t sell it till you make it.” So I declared today a “finish my current projects” day. I know I declared that on last week, but it didn’t quite work out. Then I checked my email and calendar to brows upcoming events. And there on my calendar was the snag of the day: clean out the oven and call maintenance.

You see, ladies and gents, last Saturday my dear husband and I managed to catch our oven on fire. My husband managed to put it out while I danced around like a sim, and we determined that it was probably a grease fire. So I was to clean out the water and grease today and call maintenance so that if the house catches on fire when we try to turn it on again, someone is there who is more responsible than me and I don’t get slammed with “you burnt down our apartment building!” bills. (Okay, not that bad, but a similar concept). While cleaning out the greasy muck in the oven, I bumped the contact on the bottom of the oven a few times (the thing that gets hot) and then I bumped it, and something behind the oven popped real loud and there was a flash of light.


I was a bit freaked out. And thus I called our lovely maintenance line informing them of the situation. “We’ll send someone right over.” So. In about 5 min or so I’m going to call them back, because it’s been about 20 minutes and I really don’t want my apartment to go up in flames. I’m waiting for them to come find out what’s wrong so that I can continue my day and finish my sewing projects.

If I’m really good. I’ll squeeze in a hair cut.  I don’t think I’m quite that good. But I’ll sure try.

All in all, today’s been a long day of “I’ll get it done; oh no, wait”. Lots of nothing. Technically lots of something that amounts to nothing, so still, in my book, nothing. *sigh*oh to be productive again.


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