Fresh Start

I was one of those kids that grew up in one house. Our family never moved. I went to the same school for 13 years, had many of the same friends when I graduated that I did in middle school, and they continue to be my friends today. So you would think that I would be quite uncomfortable with change, but really, it came quite naturally.

I remember my first brother going to college was really no big deal. He lived with us, went to a community college nearby, and I still saw him about the same amount. My second brother moved out for college, but was still nearby, and I didn’t really see him any less either. When I went to college the thing that really changed was that I didn’t see my friends quite as often; and I didn’t really mind all that much. We had phones and Facebook, email and texting. We stayed in touch.

When I got married I moved out, and it was a very natural transition. I started living with my best friend, who was so much my best friend that in all senses of the word, we’ve become each other. We moved into Columbia near his job, and life was lovely. We’ll be moving to another apartment nearby this year, and I find myself looking forward to it.

I enjoy having the occasional fresh start. The new paint on the walls, figuring out where to tack your nails and hang your pictures. Even the change of scenery I like, however small or slight. I remember since I was young I would occasionally re-arrange my room (with or without my parent’s permission) just to get a fresh look at things. And now with vast discussions of “where to move next?” I find myself considering far away places like Arizona, Seattle, Anchorage, and Vancouver with as much ease as nearby places like Northern Virginia and NYC. Oh how lovely to have a dry heat in Arizona, to go hiking and swimming and rafting without the suffocation of humidity lingering in the air. Or to wake up to an overcast Seattle morning and purchase my flowers from the lady on the corner. Oh how beautiful to wake up to a New York wiped clean by a fresh thick layer of snow. To watch it melt in Vancouver where the landscape is so glorious that the snow is as fresh as another lovely dress on a beautiful woman.

Likewise I find myself changing little things in my own home here and there. Tacking sheets to my walls and ceiling in my bedroom because I’m pursuing a gypsy-bohemian look for the week. Hanging mirrors different ways in my kitchen so it looks larger and still classy-cute. Shifting furniture in the living room to make the room larger and more functional. Even something small as doing the dishes and scrubbing the kitchen counter.

I love the fresh start.


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