Think think think.

I’m considering beginning a new page to this blog, or a new blog entirely, aimed at encouraging marital sex and giving the wifey a few tricks to keep up her sleeve when “the mood strikes”. Thoughts? Suggestions? Would you read it?


4 thoughts on “Think think think.

  1. i imagine you would have a LOT of readers!

    thoughts and suggestions:

    you would want to have accountability.

    you will want to make sure your husband reads and approves of everything you write before anyone else sees it. you will want to give your husband un-questioned veto power over anything you might want to publish on the www.

    you will want to be careful to protect the intimacy and privacy of your own marriage and the marriages of others who might comment. you will need to monitor comments and approve them – to weed out idiots – but also to protect one who may not know he/she needs protecting.

    while there is a lot in the area of marital sexuality, particularly concerning the wife, that needs to be confronted and shared, it needs to be done with great tact and handled with great care. not b/c you don’t want to offend anyone. but because you want to protect your inner most place in your marriage and in the marriages of others.

    • Indeed, it would warrant a close nurturing eye and air. Joel would undoubtedly be included in writing my posts and he and I would respond to unwarranted comments as necessary. It would be a clearly focused place to talk about the mechanics, but not the intimate details, a haven for women who want to learn more about their sexuality without so much exposure. I would write the blog with a Christian center, and Christian principals will coarse through the blog’s veins. I intend fully on treading carefully with comments so as to protect the manner of the blog, and no doubt spamming and trolling will most likely be deleted. However Joel and I have a similar mindset that all of those whom shoot their mouths off like fools should not be shut up, but given a megaphone, so that all the world may hear how foolish they are. Should there be any issues of personal attack on a person, I agree, there will be need for response and in addition to responses to unwanted comments, I’m willing to ban people from commenting, and even to publicly expose those who would attack people in such a place.

      So now all that’s to think of is a name! 🙂

      • excellent!

        i was thinking of people who leave comments whose ‘story’ or ‘situation’ is ‘tender,’ and, perhaps, a personal reply … or editing their comment, might be thoughtful …

        there is another christian site out there that covers both pov’s … if i find it i’ll send you the link

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