A message for religious organizations:

Do not be afraid to allow wisdom to rip your establishment to shreds. Instead, follow Truth.

I had a dream last night in which I was at a religious organization. In this case, it was represented by my old high school, which is a Christian private school. In a meeting with certain establishment heads, I was accompanied by a man who was to represent wisdom. Stargate fans will relish in the fact that this characterization was personified in Dr. Daniel Jackson. This meeting took place in a large stone temple, which was held together merely by the positioning of the stones, and not by any form of cement holding them together. We were told at the beginning of the meeting that a large beam was being installed and that we could not make too much noise, else the beam would become unstable and knock down the entire building on top of us. It was clear that this was to mean “don’t put forth any ground shaking ideas that would be in the vein of Truth and yet be contrary to the establishment.” Naturally, Wisdom did not hold back and at his first word, the temple began to shake. Stones began to shift around us and it was not until his voice paused so that he could hang his head that they became stable at any rate. At any word from Wisdom, the temple shook and crumbled.

Apply this as you will.


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