Coffee-House Hell

At my job you run into all kinds of people. People who are great and personable. And people who are jerks. Real jerks. Let’s start at the basics.

I do not work at Starbucks. I believe in small, medium, large. I know that a macchiatto is espresso with a plop of foam, not a latte. I also don’t work for that -other- book store, and their discount cards, coupons, and gift cards do not work here. No. They do not. Your coupon is expired. Yes, it expired last November. No, we can not honor it because the expiration date was sent to you in an email noting the change over of our program. No we do not sell soup. We haven’t for at least three years. No, you did not buy any last year because there wasn’t any here. You probably got it at Panara. Continue reading


A rant, I admit.

Health insurance sucks. It just does. And it’s gonna suck a lot harder once the government runs it as efficiently as the MVA/DMV.

I can order a chipotle burrito online. Someone wanna tell me why I can’t set up a doctor’s appointment online?

I’ll tell you why: there is endless government finagling in the health sector. Usually in all of the areas it’s not necessary. Government regulates drugs and licenses, etc. Soon they’ll be enforcing the use of health insurance by all people and regulating that even further. At this very moment I am trying to set up automatic bill pay through Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield. I have been on hold for 24 min. and counting. Most places you can set up automatic bill pay online. But not here. Not in the world of health insurance. Do you know why? Because health insurance providers don’t need to compete. The government pushes their agenda all it needs to and they have no reason to make online interfaces usable. Indeed, even comprehensible.

Many people would sit here and ask themselves why it is that I can order any number of fast or fancy foods online and yet I can’t make a doctor’s appointment, or even pay my bill. And the reason for this is simple: food industry has a mostly free market. Health care insurers and providers do not.