I guess this is growing up.

I attended a private high school for all of my high school years. Heck, I attended a private school for all thirteen years leading up to my high school diploma. (That’s including Kindergarten, folks). In a private high school there is a great benefit for you, if you are able to find the notch you fit into. I found four. I was the Marching Band/Choir/Drama/Tech geek of my high school, and within those circles I made many friends. Friends who saw me through some very rough times. And we swore we’d always stay in touch. We swore we’d always be friend and meet back at x place at x time. And that lasted..eh..a year. It’s a tough transition, watching your life change before you. Watching your friends of old slip and fall and drift away, even when you try to keep in contact.

When I was young, all I wanted to do was to grow up. It seemed so exciting and like such an adventure. And I do enjoy a vast amount benefits it has, and likewise its responsibilities. But I don’t know that I could ever fore-see how many friendships I would lose. Indeed, it’s not one of the things your parents warn you about. At least not my parents. I find the scope of people I can truly depend on narrowing. I watch helpless as I watch my friends travel roads where I can not follow, and where they are deaf to my hoarse voice urging them to turn back. Now mind you, this story is not so in all of my friends. Some of my friends stay stationary, looking on at those who progress down a path, wondering which one to take, and not realizing that by not choosing a path to take, they’re being drawn into a greater trap. Fewer still are those friends who keep up, diligently pressing on, stumbling, and picking themselves back up. They have an eye for this world and an eye for the next, both always open. Oh Lord, may all the people I love be so.

Upon visiting my high school recently for an Alumni lunch, one of the Alumni, a friend of mine, spoke in an assembly to the current high school students. And he spoke of his friends, friends who, like mine, were going down this path or that, friends that it “hurt to love”. It would seem that the older we grow, the more people like this we meet. The narrower our number of friends get, and yet, the more solid those friends become. May God bless my friends past, present, and future, with the proper challenges and the willingness to overcome.


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