Gender Rolls

So, I have some pretty silly friends from high school. Well, “friends”. Some of these people I knew well enough that I called them family, others were not so close. But recently, one thing has been pulling them all together: hatred of my marriage. If I had a videoblog, this is where I would play my intro clip to give you a suspenseful few seconds. It would seem that some of these people who used to be my friends are now happy to throw irrational vulgar language my way only because they’re emotionally upset because they don’t like that I got married. Let’s recap: people who swear they are my friends. Are telling me that my marriage was a bad decision. Because they don’t like it.

Each of these friends can not support their argument rationally, so instead they give me a history lesson of my life. They remind me of a relationship that failed horribly. And they blame me for it, saying that surely all other relationships I have will perish similarly. Wouldn’t you think I should listen to such friends that know my own history better than I? Surely these are some kind of gods, with such knowledge, not only of the depth of my past, but also of the expanse of my future! Continue reading


I guess this is growing up.

I attended a private high school for all of my high school years. Heck, I attended a private school for all thirteen years leading up to my high school diploma. (That’s including Kindergarten, folks). In a private high school there is a great benefit for you, if you are able to find the notch you fit into. I found four. I was the Marching Band/Choir/Drama/Tech geek of my high school, and within those circles I made many friends. Friends who saw me through some very rough times. And we swore we’d always stay in touch. We swore we’d always be friend and meet back at x place at x time. And that year. It’s a tough transition, watching your life change before you. Watching your friends of old slip and fall and drift away, even when you try to keep in contact. Continue reading