What a bother

Every so often the demons seem to catch hold of the idea that I’m paying attention to my dreams to be aware of any messages that may come in, prophetically, that I’m to share, retell, or to meditate on and on rare occasions, interpret. This happened last night. I always feel shaken when I have a dream bearing bad news, wondering if it’s to be true, and often times those dreams will fade before I can remember specifics. I then remember the dreams and their specifics usually whenever this bad news comes to be. Last night I had a dream that shook me a bit.

The dream suggested the death of a dear friend of mine, whom I call a brother without hesitation, and who is deployed currently in the Middle East, in a high crime and activity area. Since he has been moved to this location there has been no news of him, and he has been in my prayers and heavy in my thoughts these past few days. My dream last night told me he may not return. It did so in a very abstract way, that I can’t even understand, nor can I recall to retell in any tangible manner, so I will simply state that which I gathered from such a dream. The foretold death of a brother is one which comes heavy to the heart, and one which I have dwelt on since waking this morning, and even now after my realization. As I prayed for wisdom today, perturbed and without peace about this dream, the thought came to me that this dream may have been snuck into my dreams, suggested as a prophetic dream, but in reality it was a dream planted in my nighttime wanderings specifically for the purpose of straining my emotions, as well as my thoughts. Now, it would be easy to say that I confirmed such a solution merely because it explained away why this friend of mine would not die before I see them again, but the reason that at this point I believe that is what this dream was is because of the Holy peace that seems to move through you and dwell in you with the accompaniment of wisdom that can only be from the Lord, and often times is the very wisdom you have asked for. So this post encourages you to seek wisdom, warns you of the very real spiritual warfare that daily effects us, and gives thanks to my Creator, who leads me to wisdom, even when I forget to reach for it myself.

And now: for the military, past, present, and future. But most strongly and most heartfelt for our boys in Afghanistan, and my brother there. A theme, I think, applicable to such a lifestyle and one which strikes honor and a brave spirit in spite of a storm.


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