Another Conversation:

(My husband reads these and cracks up because he doesn’t remember them the morning after, and I think they’re great fun to share. They -usually- don’t happen too often, so don’t worry, hopefully they won’t take over my posts. :))

“[That guy you work with] really goes out of his way to be personable.”
“Yeah, but he’s a bit of an enigma.”
“How so?”
“Well…uhh…sometimes he just turns into this…giant Santa..Clause…”
“He what?!”
“Yeah…and then his computer…uhh…uhm…shows up..on the network…and uhh…umm…I’m not really sure why that matters right now…”
“Darling, are you awake?”
“No, no I don’t think I was.”

*Please note: only my husband would clarify -an- enigma, using proper grammar even in his sleep. ^.^


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