Where do your fingers go?

When you sleep, do they play guitar in a Latin bar? Are they strangers or lovers? Do they drive your car?

Lyrics to a Cake song. It has some random tidbits in it, but overall a most interesting song that begs the question: where do your fingers go when you sleep? And where do they take you? Have you ever watched a dog sleep and watched his paws twitch while he chases after the things just beyond the tip of his nose? Or a cat? Cats are really funny to watch because it’s a bit more rare. But none the less, humans alike tend to move in their sleep now and again, rolling over, moving their hands, reaching out for things that aren’t there, etc. Some people even talk in their sleep. My brother used to sing in his sleep. Now that was a treat. πŸ˜‰

My dear husband, Joel, talks in his sleep. Note: I did not say mumbles. He speaks. Clearly and articulately. He did this a few times while napping near me before we were married and now he does it maybe one night a week or so. Probably more often, but I’m usually asleep while it would be happening, I think. It used to be unclear what he was saying, and from the snippets I did catch, I couldn’t understand what was going on in his dreams. But last night, when he fell asleep, he spoke a few different times, all of which were quite interesting.

The first, we had just snuggled into bed for the evening and Joel rolled over and was asleep almost immediately. He spoke clearly to me, asking why we were deploying troops. I asked if he was talking about Obama’s decision to deploy more troops to Afghanistan, but then he asked again why we were sending troops and diplomats. I asked where we were sending the troops, and he barely got out USSR before he woke himself up and I explained that he was fighting a Finnish war in his sleep. See he’s been reading up on the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union, which took place during the time of WWII. [The war ended in a peace treaty, but it was clear the Finns came out on top, both in combat and in aftermath]. With Finnish blood flowing through his veins, the stories of his ancestors seem to have followed him into his dreams, where he was commanding the ranks, so it would seem. After he fell back asleep, I was desperately trying to get comfortable, and failing miserably. My antibiotics have given me nausea day after day and often right when I’m trying to sleep. So trying to relieve the discomfort of my tremulous stomach, I flopped onto my stomach, rubbing it a bit to try and work the gas out of it. As I was doing this, Joel, facing away from me on his side in bed, asked me to slow down a bit. “Slow down?” I asked. He rolled over, replying, “That’s good, thank you,” and rubbed my back for a little while. He was asleep for all of this. The rubbing stopped as he switched dreams, and with my stomach finally quieting, I burped facing Joel in bed, to which he replied, “okay,” and was silent for the rest of the night.

So there you have it, my husband fights wars and follows his wife in his dreams. What a darling. πŸ™‚

As for myself, I haven’t had any noteworthy dreams lately.

But I have gotten a new job at the local Borders. I’m orienting today and am quite excited.


8 thoughts on “Where do your fingers go?

  1. No way! Border’s is actually hiring?!? You lucky bleep!

    I used to sleepwalk when I was younger. I don’t think I do anything strange in my sleep now. Although I wouldn’t know for sure…

  2. I’ve answered the phone and sent text messages in my sleep. I do some pretty strange things too. It just struck me as a rather amusing encounter. ^.^

    Yes, Borders here in Columbia is hiring. In the cafe. πŸ˜€ You should move in and work with me hahaha. ❀

    • Not quite sure. I would need to dig them out to find out and even without taking them now, I would like to keep those darn things at a distance. :p

  3. uti antibiotics usually are sulpher based, which is why they make you so sick to your stomach … which is why my girls and i do everything we can to avoid getting that far!

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