Real Women Mix Cookies with their Bare Hands

Yes, I did this. In fact, I’ll be doing this again today. Because in all of the marriage hub-ub the one thing, the one appliance we -didn’t- get…was a mixer. Now most women would go pretty crazy about this. I can hear them now: “you made cookies with no mixer?!? Either you have arms of steel or your hands must have gotten filthy!!” Very much the later, ladies, very much the later.

♪I am a sovereign Prince of Egypt…♪ (I’ve had that song stuck in my head for like three days.)

So back to cookies. You would think that mixing cookies with your hands is a royal pain…but it’s not! it’s really fun!!! It’s like you’re a kid again playing with the properties of silly putty, play dough, or flour with water. Except you can eat it!! It’s just wonderful. I would recommend that everyone tries it once. Just once. If you prefer your mixer and your perfectly blended cookies, okay. But just once? For me? It’s such fun. Especially, I would imagine, if you have kids. You’ll have to watch them with the egg, but otherwise, what a great family activity: getting messy and making cookies all in one! It’s like a kid’s dream. Perhaps that’s why I love it. . .

Also recommended for all women: a good husband. But that should be up later this evening. 😉


2 thoughts on “Real Women Mix Cookies with their Bare Hands

  1. my girls have had fun playing with raw eggs, separating them with their hands, feeling the gooeyness of them. but i had not thought of making cookies mixing them with their hands. my special needs daughter would LOVE this … hummm

  2. It’s great fun! I use sugar in the raw and kosher salt, which gives the batter a kind of grainy feel, and the texture is really interesting when you add the chocolate chips. 🙂 Fair warning: the cookies will probably have a bite of them here or there that will taste a little more salty or a little more sugary because the batter doesn’t always mix thoroughly, but I think the extra fun is worth it! Also, hands will be a MESS after this, but it’s easy to get most of the cookie dough off with a spatula (or by licking it off if you’re a cookie dough fiend) but it’s always good to be nearby a sink because of the buttery residue.

    Enjoy the fun with your girls, I’m sure they would really love this too!

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