A general irk. If your greatest trouble in life is finishing a paper on time, or that you might be getting yelled at by your parents because you just tapped another car, or that you may have to drop a class because you’re just plain too busy. Your life is pretty good. Stop using phrases like “fml” (aka fuck my life for those of you who don’t know). I know the feeling of life getting too stressful and crashing down all around you, but trust me when I say the only way to go from those positions is up. Why not be happy when you hit rock bottom? It can only get better.

Now I realize that most people don’t think like this, there are a blessed few who understand what I’m saying, and what I’m pointing to. And that’s that if you are a follower of Christ, as I am, you should rejoice in your troubles. Just a reminder.

If you’re not, then please take a moment to realize what’s going on in the world around you. Yes, that globe thing you spin around on daily. That thing. That you’re standing on. Right now. I am on the east coast of the continent of North America. About twelve hours of flight away from me is the continent of Africa. In Nigeria, there are people dying of Malaria daily. Mothers. Children. I met a woman who did missions there. She helped a mother bury five of her children. Five. And my mother cried when we buried my dog. Just six hours east of there is Uganda, a country currently at civil war because a man claiming to do the Lord’s work is kidnapping children and forcing them to kill their friends who are weak, in order to brainwash them and desensitize them in order to make them soldiers in his army. After a few more hours east, you’ll find China, where communists limit all freedoms, including your  choice of the god you can worship and the career you desire. Don’t even think of whispering for gay rights. You will disappear. You will not be killed, but you face a fate far worse. And a hop skip and a jump further east, and you will find North Korea, a country where your occupation is chosen from birth and where you can’t even scratch your nose without the dictator’s permission. Further east and we come to America. A free country that has democratically elected a Socialist into executive power. A country in which the reigning oppression is that homosexual people fight for the rights they already have. (Please don’t even think of comparing this to the civil rights movement. Blacks were persecuted with water cannons and forced to poor schools, poor seating at restaurants, and banned from major cultural concerts and events. Stop acting like this is another civil rights movement just because people give you dirty looks when you hold your partner’s hand). A country in which few citizens hold their senators or house representatives accountable for upholding the Constitution they SWORE to protect. A country where the people are so disconnected from the rest of the world that they complain about the freedoms they’re allowed.

So, I know that paper’s really raining on your parade this weekend, but realistically, can we save the “fml” for when there’s a gun to your head forcing you to shoot your best friend or watch him be disemboweled before your eyes? Or for when your mother disappears because she went to a meeting at that person’s house with the fish on their door? Or when you can no longer afford food and are forced to beg or steal your way through life? If this is your story, you have all rights to this term. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop being a whiney bitch.



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