About ehhh a month ago or so (one month and six days for those of you who must be precise) I received a proposal from a fine young suitor and gracefully accepted with a resounding “of course!” You may be wondering why I would give such firm answer. Do you? Do you really? I knew you did. Initially I didn’t even intend to date Joel. Joel is my fiance, for those of you who are now very confused. You see I know that at some point in my life I’ll be doing missions in Africa, and when that call comes I must must must be prepared to drop EVERYTHING and go.

O.O “Is that you Lord?”
“Do you know anyone else who can get inside your head like this?”
“Good point.” >.>
“Go to Africa.”
“Okey Dokes!…wait uhh for how long now?”
“I’ll tell you when to leave.”
“uhh…..but I uh…wanna learn to write music… know, get married and…uh…stuff.”
“Well okay, you’re decision I mean opportunity of a lifetime following God on a single request, but you’re bus–”
“No no! I’ll go I’ll go!!”

Not that God would ever guilt me into going to Africa. . . I would never imply that (seriously). So anywho, at some point in my life I’m going to Africa. Somewhere. It’s kinda a large..erm…continent. There have been a few opportunities for me to go, but I haven’t been called to any of them. Yet. So getting married and having a husband to worry about because he’s worried about me catching malaria or being captured by raiders or raped by some tribal man who didn’t like how I looked at his pet zebra. . . (okay, that last one’s wayyyy out there) doesn’t really fit into “my plan”. Joel, my handsome fiance, told me early in our dating process that he had been interested in Seattle for a long time and was having some impressions in that direction and may be called to go there. So I said something along the lines of oh well that’s nice I suppose there’s no hope for a future between us unless we meet on the twelves via satellite phone because Uganda and Seattle are just kinda far away. Kinda. Ish. So though we continued to date, I wasn’t planning on anything. I don’t know if he was either. But then, over the course of a week, everything shifted. It was very clear to me that I’d learned an important lesson: when I’m called I must be prepared to leave at the drop of a hat. And almost more importantly: I can not let ANYONE get in the way of that happening, should I be so called. So Got bonked me on the head and said you’ve learned your lesson now check out this hunk! (not a direct quote).

So there he was, the man of my dreams. More blessing than I could ever expect. I started my free interest in him through learning something and my pursuit of him by stepping outside of my comfort zone and having the time of my life learning and laughing and living as I was created to do.All because I was willing to listen. Who’d’vethunkit?

Now we’re engaged and getting married this coming November. Like-woah in a month. A MONTH?!? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ehem* But it’s okay because the reception won’t be until next year and we all know that’s the most absurd part of wedding planning. I’m so exciting to be marrying a man I can depend on. Who loves me. Whom I love. I could not be more blessed. I could not be more grateful for all the stresses that are coming with the planning. Showing me that this marriage is worth working for and through.

I’ve been (trying) to make a list of all the things I need to change once I’m married. Let’s see. My name, my social security information, my work information, my college information, my driver’s license information, my bank information, my passport information, and oh my goodness does the list go on! There are PAGES UPON PAGES of this information on the internet. I know. I’ve read…maybe three. (but really you never get any good results after the first google page, right? right?) Then there’s the address change, the title change on the car, moving. Oh my goodness so much stuff.

I think that’s all for now. As you can see I’ve been very busy. Busier running in circles than getting anything done, it seems. But alas such is life, yes?

In other news: Fall is here and isn’t it lovely!!!


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