A Vision of Sorts

I had a dream about two weeks ago now, and it was clear to me when I woke that this was a prophetic dream. Now I am recent to the realization of the depth of the prophetic and I know that even now with what small knowledge I’ve gained I do not know very much about it at all. This, being something God-given, is entirely over my head. I have a crude interpretation that was given to me upon prayer on the dream, though I don’t think that much interpretation was necessary. The dream and what interpretation I have found are found below.

The Dream:
I was standing on a brand new basketball court. It was an outdoor court, but it had a roof and some sort of an indoor quality about it, being enclosed with a single door to enter through. Some young people, around mid-high school age, were playing basketball while some middle aged folks, clearly leaders, watched on. I stood among the leaders. As the youths played, a joke was cracked about one of the players being a homosexual, and the joking ended with this particular youth being called a fag. All of the youths saw this in good fun and no one was upset by it, but a leader who stood to my right stepped across me to reprimand the youths for making jokes that were against homosexuals because those who take part in homosexuality are still people. He ended this reprimand by saying “leave your cuts at home”, referring to the words these children had said as daggers.

The leaders that stood by talked merrily about how pleasant it was to be in such a safe environment where they could teach their children the proper things and praised their fellow friend for his reprimand of the youths. They continued merrily chatting about how wonderful it was that everyone got along and how happy they were that it was so nice there, etc.

My stomach churned.

As these leaders continued to chat away merrily, some men enter the court by opening the door themselves, and begin to cause some chaos on the court. They take the basketball and offer the youths things that are characteristically seen as bad by society. I saw the leader of this group and violently pulled him aside, slammed him against a nearby wall, and demanded to know what he was doing at this place. He tried to slick talk his way out of things, trying to goad me into giving him codes to steal things and when I refused to give him codes, he tried to sell me some things, again such as guns and drugs and other socially bad things. I ended up selling him something instead, a word of wisdom. I released him from my pin and told him to leave with the people he’d brought with him. As they slink out the door, he offers my fiance a cigarette. He politely declines, something that, in this situation, would be quite out of character for him. I return to the group of leaders and they applaud me for my necessary violent behavior against these “hoodlums” as they call them. I refuse to accept their praise and shortly after, I wake up.

What interpretation I have gathered: The court, it seems, is the current social construct of the church. White walled, full of life, safe, and fun. Where no one should insult anyone else, even if it is warranted. The youth are not necessarily the young people of the church, but are also those young in faith, those who are still learning many things. The leaders are, in fact, a direct representation of church leadership.Their reprimand of the youth represents the church’s abrasion to correction, even if it is appropriate. When a man divorces his wife without a Biblically justified reason, when a person partakes in homosexuality, when a person sins against the Lord, it is the church’s job to hold those people accountable and to direct them in the right path. When I took such swift action against this evil being who entered the church, I was applauded for my swift action because the church was swept up in the excitement of this clear battle. Not because what I was doing was right or just, but because it was a good show. This dream illustrated three things I, personally, see the church struggle with frequently: violence, sexuality, and an excitement and charisma about the wrong things. The church must learn that these things are good, but must be used correctly. From something so small (and yet so big) as encouragement, to something so deeply impacting such as sexuality. We must learn that every word and every action holds great gravity. We must strive to learn these things. We will not learn these things by being locked in a white-washed room playing games. We must expose ourselves to the world and be the salt and the light and the beacon that is unquestionably influenced by a being that is greater than our mind’s vast expanse of fathom-ability. We must be in the world and not of it.

The church must heed these warnings.


Never Forget

Not because you were there.
Not because you were moved.
Not because you were scared.
Nor because you were speechless.
But because this country,
The United States of America,
Is a country where we uphold our neighbors,
Coworkers, friends, and enemies
When things such as this happen.