Yes, clutterbrained. Not scatterbrained. But clutterbrained. That, my friends and likewise friendly readers, is what I am. A dear friend of mine pointed out two and a half years ago (or so) that when there are many different ideas on my mind, I tend to quickly shift from thought to thought. He called this clutterbrained, as my thoughts are not scarce enough to be scattered. And every now and again I’m reminded of just how very clutterbrained I am. Such as my post last night. I’m pretty sure that it’s quite clutterbrained and that once I sit down and properly edit it, I’ll just want to delete the thing entirely. Likewise, after a good sleep last night dreaming of being late for work and lucking into a wonderful career that provides for me to move out, I have been just as clutterbrained, if not more, this morning. And here is the determining factor, folks:

I, myself, am a fan of literature, theatre, and music. Those are the particular forms of art I adore. And all three of those arts demand smooth transitions. In my thinking and in my speaking I try to keep tabs on myself that I have smooth transitions and keep track of this and that so that it all makes sense once I’m to my final point. This is why I’m so frustrated with myself when I realize I’ve started a story halfway through, and with others when they interrupt me during a telling of the thought that forms in my brain. So on days like this, where ideas, dreams, musings, and other various forms of thought jump up and down in my brain as if they’re all attached to pogo sticks, I feel quite discombobulated and realize my thoughts rarely come into line in a practical manner. And thus, for these confusions, I apologize.

And now for something completely different: I’m currently working on two choral works and I long for theory classes that I may learn to write down ideas I have for symphonies.


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