I love my brothers.

I have two brothers that are related to me through blood and they are the best brothers a gal could ever hope for. We’re not particularly close and as families go, we all have our secrets, but I know full well that they love me and would be willing to go great lengths to protect me and my honor, for that matter. Great lengths that potentially involve knives and shotguns. Actually…Mike would probably prefer a rifle. . . . anyway.

I also have a few unrelated brothers. Unrelated meaning we do not have any form of genetic or blood relation. The kind of unrelated brother that if they were to give you a kidney there’s a good chance it would kill you off faster rather than do any good. There are six I can think of off the top of my head, and I shall not name them here because they know who they are and should I list names I’d probably end up forgetting one or two so there you are. These brothers are my strength and my encouragement, my laughter and my tears. They have seen me through the good, the spectacular, the bad, and the devastating. I love them all dearly and I can not convey my thanks to them regularly enough. To tell them of my sisterly love for them daily would fall short. So here and now I would like to thank them for their help, and for their encouragement, and for their strong arms to hold me and carry me when I am not strong enough myself. I love you all with all the love a sister’s heart can bear.

Excuse my random interludes today, I’ve gotten a decent night of sleep last night and there are a few me-isms coming out stronger today, which is super-encouraging for me, so bear with me.


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