Headaches and Tsunamis

So I have this nasty headache I’ve had for about two days now and I can only guess that it’s related to the weather and to the dissipating cold/virus I’ve had. Come to find out whatever it was that I had has been going around at a fierce rate, which is encouraging that my immune system isn’t as weak as it would have seemed when I got this cold.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was caught in a town awaiting a Tsunami following a nuclear explosion off the coast of Florida. The wave took two hours to hit the town and we were able to escape on one of the last flights out thanks to one person’s internet capable phone. We purchased tickets online, signed in online and went through to the flight with minutes to spare. Now this was the first nightmare I had for a long time, and most of my dreams that are so memorable and vivid have some form of meaning behind them that I’m to dwell on. I’m pretty sure the key part of this dream was to bring up a few subjects with a friend of mine in conversation. In addition to that though, I was forced into a very realistic situation where I was horrified that the three people I was with would be the last I would see. Two were some of my best friends, one I’d just met. I couldn’t sleep following the dream, I was so shaken up, realizing just how precious life is. I can only think to assimilate it with being in a near-death situation, though I would doubt it was even nearly as intense. The night after I had a dream about hurricanes and friends helping to secure their position so that they would not come to harm. Perhaps storms are coming in my life and I need to know who to depend on and who is most precious to me.

I managed to find a recording of the mass I’ll be performing in during the upcoming trip to Rome. I found a lovely reccording on iTunes, but it’s been hard to find more abstract files. This is a decent recording of the height of the mass: the Credo. The camera quality isn’t so perfect, but the recording quality is actually pretty good, considering what they appear to be working with. This is the best recording I could find of the Gloria, but I’m still not sure I like the performance very much. This is a gorgeous performance of the Kyrie, and it’s pretty neat that it’s performed in such a large setting. Rooms that large are hard to fill with sound. While we have been practicing, we haven’t had a full orchestra present (like we will in Rome) and it’s been thrilling to hear the music orchestrated. I have realized that one of the reasons I love Puccini’s work is because he reads my mind. All of the fun little ordamentations I wish were speckling the choral parts are found subtly beneath in the orchestra. It’s absolutely wonderful. Listening to the recording in my car today, blasting it along a back road, I realized just how excited I am for the trip, not because I’ll be in Rome, but because I’ll be in the largest global gathering of it’s kind for two purposes: God and music. The two causes closest to my heart (though to be fair “God” encompasses many causes). Another neat thing I’m looking forward to is the culture. As I’ve been told, native Italians understand church related Latin with ease, so they won’t just be reading the translations on their pamphlets, but they’ll understand every word, every note, every syllable, exactly what we’re singing. It’s absolutely inspiring to me to think that Latin, my favorite language yet, and a dead one, will be sung by hundreds in four voices and understood by potential thousands.

I don’t think I could end the post on a higher note.


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