Chat rooms are exellent places to spark ideas.

So is Google image search. I was trying to figure out how to spell “shuriken” (by the way, it’s s-h-u-r-i-k-e-n) 😉 and I came across a picture of a classic four pointed shuriken stuck into a door frame. The picture had been taken from an indoor perspective, as if the viewer was just finding this pointy lethal object stuck into their door upon opening it. And it hit me: what a wonderful prank to play. If you have a friend who has absolutely no interest in the pristine condition of their home/apartment/whatever, stick a few shurikens in there and see what their reaction is. It will at very least give them something to think about for the day. 🙂

Also, if you’re not interested in actually harming their property, buy a few of these little beauties. The ones shown are actually magnetic (good for metal doors and fridges) and can easily be converted to any other surface with a little glue or the like. On a completely unrelated note, while I find this joke good humored, others (including my parents and potential room mates) may not, so please do not attack me with this one and be considerate of others you inflict said treachery on. If however you’re intending fully on being a ruthless prick and destroying someone’s property one way or another, why not make things interesting? Leave a random sharp weapon near whatever it is you’ve destroyed. For example: for vandalism of walls by spray paint, why not leave a few badly battered paint cans and a morning star? Just to make people wonder. Or a shuriken stuck in a slashed tire. If you’re going to make someone’s day miserable, you might as well give them a strange head turning quirk to it, right?

I do not support vandalism or destruction of private property in any manner. I do, wholeheartedly, support making people think and making life interesting.


2 thoughts on “Chat rooms are exellent places to spark ideas.

  1. YOU DIDNT KNOW HOW TO SPELL SHURIKEN!? You, dear sister, though I love you, are a fail for that one. lol ^.^

    Note: yes, I quite realize what I said, and I stand by it- you do not fail as an action, but in fact you yourself ARE a fail.

    • -.- My spelling is awful, my grammar is pristine. I’m pretty sure we’ve been over this approximately a million times.

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