Sneezes Galore!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Yes, yes, my friends, that’s right!! Allergy season! Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! My mouth is dry, my nose is perpetually itchy/sneezey, and my throat feels incredibly raw. Oh but yes, beautiful spring.

…and people wonder why I love fall.

The past few weeks have gone by in such a blur, it’s so very hard to keep track of things. If I didn’t have to log every event of the weeks previous and yet to come in order to keep my scheduling in line, I would completely forget what I did two evenings ago.(a) Now for today, two evenings ago was fairly substantial, so I can’t really forget that so easily, but get back three and four evenings ago and that’s pretty foggy.

I finished my exams and I passed sociology quite well but apparently bombed my psych final. I’m not so concerned about this beyond my grade point average and as I will have more time to dedicate to classes this coming fall, I’m confident I will be bringing that up easily. I learned a lot in psychology and very little in sociology, so it just goes to show that your grades do not always, if ever, reflect what you have learned. In fact I can not think of a class where what I learned and/or achieved was equal to my grade. For example: I always did well in my artistic classes in high school, but didn’t learn very much in them towards the end of my years. I was just good at those subjects.

After selling back my books, I deposited the money into my bank account. I find it incredibly sad that I spent around $600 on books this year and only got $150 of it back. My math book is no longer in use in the current curriculum at the community college, which means I wasted an unreasonable amount on a math book that I had no option but to buy new. That is so very reassuring.

On a positive note, my bank account has been in the black for an entire month now. This sounds rather simple, but it is a very large weight off my chest that with such  small amount biweekly I was able to support myself in what I needed while living at home. It’s encouraging to know I can live off of so little. I was in debt spottily over the last year, so it’s good to be steadily in the black.

My hair has been sheared off again. This time it’s much shorter than I can ever remember having it. It’s very fun, but I think I’ll be keeping it steadily longer at a medium length, and I will more than likely grow it out again as soon as band season starts. That sounds strange, but I use the beginning of band season as my marker for the beginning of Fall, even if it is August.

I realize I’m very tired of being under the legal age for the consumption of alcohol. Not because I want to go bar hopping and get shit faced on a regular basis, but because I do enjoy a mixed drink here and there and it is keeping me from my music! In some venues, that is. Ram’s Head is a wonderful tavern in Annapolis, MD and they have many shows of great artists, all of which I would be glad to attend. Unfortunately, you are not permitted to the shows unless you are of legal drinking age, with the exception of when the artist specifically sets up the show ahead of time for underage people to be able to attend. I was quite flustered this past Thursday when I found this was the case. The husband of my choir director was performing with another man and I was looking forward to the show, but upon inquiring after tickets, I was told I had to be 21 to attend. Thank goodness I hadn’t bought the tickets yet.

This past Saturday was absolutely wonderful. Busy. But wonderful. My brother and his house hold (being his roommates) moved to Annapolis and I helped them with this process. There were many setbacks but all in all after a hard day’s work everything was successfully moved from Queen Anne to Annapolis. That evening I attended a concert at St. Anne’s church in Annapolis for my graduated high school’s annual Spring Concert. (b) The concert was wonderful, with many songs speaking to me in many different ways. I will be ordering a CD this week. One song I suggest for any and everyone is the Finlandia Hymn. The link there is to a boy’s choir and thus their vowels are a bit pinched, but it is the closest arrangement I could find. The hymn is close to my heart and lifts my soul on even the darkest of days. After the concert, it seemed that the spiritual realm was a bit perturbed. Naturally with such glorious praise to God there will be a counter soon to follow. It was the first time in a long time I have had such a sweeping perception of such a large situation. I was very sensitive to spiritual underlying going-ons some time ago, but because of my own fear and discomfort at what I did not understand, I shut out the perception, just as I did my dreams. The dreams had returned, but this was the first event where my awareness of something spiritual was so perceptive again. It was a bit overwhelming, really. Not in the way that it used to be, but merely in the simple fact that it was there.

That evening I slept at my brother’s new place, being in Annapolis. I was driving my parents suburban so that we could get a couch the following day. It was wonderful to spend time with everyone in that house hold. It’s been a long time since I was able to spend time with them and it’s lovely having them so near by now. So lovely that I spent another night there. Sunday was supposed to be a piece of cake. Not so much. We headed to Ikea around 11:30. I needed to put gas in the truck. There was no key to the gas cap in the truck. We went to my parents house to get the key, a total of an hour out of our way. We left my parents house. We got lost on the way. I forgot to put gas in the tank until we were lost. In D.C. And there was a bad accident on the route we needed to take to get back to the exit we missed. And then we didn’t know how Ikea worked. And then they didn’t have our couch. We ordered one. Then we picked out pillows. Yay! There were better ones upstairs. Oooo tempting. So we searched for them. *hums “Bonanza” theme* And come to find out they come with a slip cover for a couch…and it costs $130. *sigh* So we got the original pillows. Well we might as well pick out chairs. These chairs are cheap and comfy, huzzah! Chairs ho! What about this pillow! Yes I wants it! Please note that the increasing insanity of this paragraph is both a reflection on the increasing frustration, insanity, and exhaustion of that day in addition to my current sleepy demeanor. In the end, we got a bunch of stuff for a really good price. I went to some good friends house that evening to spend some time with them and do some laundry. I was so exhausted by then that I ended up crashing there for a solid half hour while I waited for my laundry. I hung out there till 2:30ish and headed back to my brother’s pad, clean laundry and all. Now, it sounds really strange that I was out until early in the morning when I was so tired. However. I’m far more of a night person than I am a day person, so although I was still rather sleepy in demeanor, I was in fact far more energetic with the coming of night and my nap. 🙂

Today I had orientation at my new job. I am now a team member of Target, and boy am I thrilled. I am working full time and I start tomorrow with my official training. I’m really looking forward to working there. The company is excellent at communication and organization as far as I can tell, which I value very, very highly as those are the things that were very, very lacking in my past two jobs. So it seems as though Target and I will get along very well.

Less than a month until I venture to Rome. I am thrilled at the thought.

And with that good people, I must be off to bed. I am quite tired from the business over the past few days and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow very much. Thus, goodnight, sweet reader. Until I post again.

A few side notes:

a. During high school, I was quizzing a friend for a history test she had upcoming and she became frustrated that she was missing questions here and there and decided to ask me a few questions. She asked me who Leo Tolstoy was and what he did that was substantial. I answered the question with ease and she looked at me shocked, complaining that it was absurd that I could remember things like that when I couldn’t remember what I had for dinner the night before. After thinking for a few moments, I realized I actually could not remember what I had for dinner the evening before.

b. If you know how to refer to the high school that you graduated from without sounding awkward or as if you’re still in school, tell me please because this sounds right initially, but still rubs me the wrong way. I feel as if the grammatical structure paints the high school as graduated, and not me.


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