Today I am cleaning my room. I really enjoy cleaning because it helps me to think through things. When I’m physically putting things back in order as they should be I’m able to put my thoughts into order in my mind. I’m all caught up financially, which is good, and now I just need to catch up academically, which is going to prove a bit tricky, especially considering my Psych professor has yet to give me back the research I’m to be writing my paper off of… hrm. I’m mostly caught up on personal writing, which is very good. You’d think that would come after the academics, but I discovered a long time ago that if I have something I want to write, it will cloud my thoughts until I’m able to put it down on paper. Thank God for paper and for uni-ball vision elite pens. ^.^

In other news, I’ve figured out what to write in one of my journals and I just need to find a calligraphy pen to write in it. I have a calligraphy pen, but I’m out of ink for it and the stream is a bit too wide for the size of the book I’ll be writing in. You see, it’s always a journey finding out what my books want written in them, and after sitting on my desk for a few months, these two little slowpokes have told me what they’d like written in them, so I’m eager to get started on those. 🙂


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