Kinda Sickly

So I passed by the cemetary today where Joe Flora was burried and it still strikes me pretty hard just to drive by like that. Really makes you think about how your life impacts others when someone passes on, especially someone who walked closely with Christ. Makes you wonder just how much you impact people and how much you strive after the Lord. I’ve been to two funerals this year. The first was for Joe Flora, a guy I went to high school with. He graduated two years before me and earlier this year he comitted suicide. I know I’ll see him again one day. The second was for Bob Cashman, a good friend’s father. It’s never easy seeing a family mourn over losing it’s leader. And he was. In fact, I never met Mr. Cashman and his funeral was far harder than Joe’s. Though Joe was young, he was only responsible for himself and his parents and siblings would miss him most. Bob Cashman was married and an exellent father and husband, and a spiritual leader in his entire family’s life, even on days when he was discouraged by his illness. I can not imagine.

It’s reflecting on the lives of people passed away that reinforces that my life must be constantly driven to God, no matter what. My life is by all means His and I damn well better act like it. Yes, I damn well better act like it.

Today I feel pretty sick. My stomach’s been flipping back and forth between being perfectly fine, nautious, and violently upset. It does this every once in a while when I’ve had some sort of different food, but it hasn’t been this bad since last year. I missed class today and I most likely will tomorrow. Not good at all. I can not afford to miss class right now. But I was barely out of my house today and I doubt I will be tomorrow. I hope I am well by Wenesday.

WEDNESDAY! Wednesday is the TEA Part. You should go. Yes you. You. Right there. Reading this. Go go scoot. Go to google and search for tea party 2009 and find a location near you! That’s what I’m doin Wednesday, goin to the Tea Party in Annapolis. And you should be there too! Or..well you know, wherever it is that is the nearest location to you. Provided you’re an American citizen. Oh this is all getting very complex. Well bottom line is that is what’s going on Wednesday and that is what I hope I am better to attend.


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