Well after updating my about section I’m quite breathless at what to say here. Recent days have been pretty easy, just going through college and so on. I’m taking four classes this semester: Biology (with lab), Psychology, Sociology, and Bible Literature. I’m learning a good bit, but my grades are not always reflecting how much. For example, my Biology grade is awful, but I’m learning things that I never fathomed in high school, which is very encouraging to me.

I’m still working the Cafe at Big Vanilla every single Saturday from noon to five. It’s a dull shift and I don’t make much in tips, but where else am I going to find a job these days? I’ve picked up a friend’s Friday shift for next week, so that should give me some good tip money.

This coming summer I’m going to be taking a trip to Rome with the Annapolis Area Christian School Madrigal Singers. This is the singing group I was in during high school and alumni have been invited to join the current members on this rare trip. We will be the only high school group attending the International Church Music Festival. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have an opportunity to travel. I’m so excited!!! I have never been overseas before and the only out of country experience I have had was to Canada when I was very young, far to young to remember more that a sopping wet boat under some waterfall everyone seemed to make a pretty big deal about. I couldn’t even see over the railings. Anyways, This is a trip I’m really looking forward to and I am eagerly awaiting it.

Right now, however my dinner is ready and my mind is rather blank. So I will leave more writing for tomorrow and bid you farewell for the evening.


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